Hi, friend =)

…I’m Soundarya Balasubramani, aka, Pooja.

…I’m Soundarya Balasubramani, aka, Pooja.

Are you an aspiring writer? ✍🏻

🎁 I have a gift for you: I launched a short book recently on my journey to self-publishing my first book, Admitted. 

It contains the mistakes I made, lessons learned, excerpts from my audio journal, & covers every step of the journey I took to self-publish: ideating, writing, designing, editing, printing, selling, & more. 

What’s the price? $0+. I’ve set the minimum price to be $0, but you can pay more if you wish to support me. 50% of whatever you pay me will go towards the non-profit Rooms to Read. 🤗


Who am I in 50 words

By title, a 25-year-old author, course creator, and product manager. In the past, a student consultant, researcher, academic gold medalist, & founder of a social organization.

By nature, a curious girl with simple needs, an imaginative mind, and a playful heart who likes memorizing quotes, singing in solidarity, & dancing while brushing.

My personality type: ISFJ-A

I (54%), S (53%), F (74%), J (72%), A (56%)

The refers to Assertive Defender.

Don’t let those five letters fool you though. I can be extroverted, logical, intuitive, or spontaneous. It’s a spectrum. It always is. For both you and me.

I feel emotions deeply–both good and bad. I don’t open up to people quickly. I respect people for their traits and habits. I like to be friends with all; but if someone proves to be a negative influence, I will be indifferent to their existence.

3 words, books, quote

The 3 words to describe my ideal self: Compassionate, Knowledgeable, Confident.

Some of my favorite reads: Educated, The Fountainhead, Shantaram, How To Take Smart Notes.

One of my favorite quotes: Conversation enriches the understanding, but solitude is the school of genius. — Edward Gibbon 

the world

What I care about in 50 words

Helping prisoners of birth get equal opportunity through education.

Improving the way we read, learn, and build good habits.

Enabling the world to use technology to build a second brain.

…also: Poverty, freedom of speech, right to privacy, acid burn victims, breeding innovation, sharing knowledge.

I’m curious to learn about

People. How people learn, make decisions, build relationships, innovate, think well. 

Products. Scaling a product 0-to-1, taking “long”-views, building passive income.

Practices. Building & maintaining good habits, learning mental models, metacognition. 

…and: neuroscience, behavioral economics & psychology, history, creative non-fiction, shooting documentaries. 

How I want to contribute

We’re all here to (a) learn and (b) serve each other.

I want to serve you, my community, and the world in a few ways: building impactful products, creating content (articles, books, courses, documentaries), and giving back through catalytic philanthropy… or TL;DR

Founder. Content Creator. Philanthropist.


About this blog in 50 words

This blog has eclectic topics: I write about my life, societal issues, good products, career advice, and recently neuroscience and digital tools. The blog grew with me. You can chronologically trace back the source of wonder I found in writing, back to 2014.

Use the menu-bar or search function to navigate the 100+ articles.

Ways I can help you

I want to help everyone I meet: you can see it in my personality type. I think we all do–it makes us feel useful. Aside from my articles, please:

#1: Look at the resources I’ve provided on product management, writing, and tools.

#2: Check this document where I’ve (thoughtfully) answered 30+ FAQ.

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You should reach out

I’ve told a lot about myself (maybe too much?). I love sharing. I also love listening. You should reach out to [email protected] if:

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