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Neurons to Behaviors #1: Learning

Neurons to Behaviors #1: Learning

What does it mean when someone says they want to learn how to play a guitar? What happens inside our brain? Let’s find out.

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Check out the monster guide I wrote for you to get your first interview.

A little about me.

I’m a Product Manager, writer, and aspiring many-things.

I’m motivated by bridging gaps. From studying in a small suburb in Tamil Nadu, India to sitting in a smart classroom in Columbia University, New York, I’ve been blessed with a lot of opportunities. Now, I want to use them to create products that benefits everyone, irrespective of their background. And that’s how I know I want to be a Product Manager.

When I’m sitting at a coffee shop observing the scene, listening to a moving speech at a conference, or reading a page-turner on quality education, my mind is working on how to convert the visual scene and content into a story. And that’s how I know I want to be a writer, and soon an author.


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