A Pseudo-humongous-transition

by | Jul 31, 2014 | General Information | 2 comments

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All of my posts till now have been formal and full of facts. But i’m gonna make this one more reader-friendly. 

If anybody asks me what I was doing half an hour before my 18th birthday, they would have openly cursed me for my reply. Washing clothes. Yeah, me being the obsessive-things-have-to-be-done-as-planned one in my family, I have grown up in such a way that it is unable for me to even sleep without establishing all the things that I’ve planned for.the day. So anyhow, being an NITT-ian, washing machine becomes a luxury here. Hence, as i was washing a butt-load of evil-smelling clothes, the first call arrived form my Best friend at around 11:40. Slowly as time flew, other calls started coming at around 11:55. I couldn’t speak literally for more than 20 seconds with a person, even with my brother, since I was barraged with calls. People, i.e my school friends, who i haven’t spoken to in months also called to wish, for which I was utterly grateful. 

Next came the cake-cutting, which right now has become a tradition in our hostel. Almost all of my class and non-class friends were assembled, and began the chorus as I entered my candle-light lit room. The chocolate cake was rich in its flavor, but unfortunately I cannot describe much about it since I had the least amount of pieces, being the birthday girl. More amount of cake was smeared on my face than my mouth. After a hell lot of selfie’s, laughter and GPL(If you haven’t heard of it, imagine a human being held at hands and legs and kicked from under). Later we all went to the night canteen inside our hostel to have soft drinks. I’ve always wanted to try to open a fizzling coke bottle, and finally I got the chance on my b’day. It was fun, mainly because it splashed on everyone else except me. 

Later as I came back to room and turned on my laptop, there was the job of replying to every post on facebook. Usually I just copy and paste it everywhere, but this time I replied separately and properly to every post. Later talked with some more friends and fell asleep at 4.

Woken up by my roommate, I had to hurriedly take a bath and get ready for class at 10 30. Thankfully, we had only two classes today, hence as it got over at 12 10. Myself, a friend of mine whose b’day was the day before mine, and 16 other classmates went to Trichy to a 3 star hotel, Breeze.It was a combined treat hence my pocket wasn’t burnt so bad. The food was sumptuous and delicious. While returning, we again clicked tons of pictures. I was exhausted after reaching my room. I was greeted with a courier from my school best friend. He had sent a dress, cooling glass, chocolate and album with all of my pics and a letter. By the time I finished reading the letter, my eyes were clouded with tears. I was so grateful hence I called right away to thank him. Later again I got ready to go meet a best friend. My school best friend who was in a nearby college also came to meet. Had a wonderful time with both of them, loved their gifts, and returned back happily and contented. More posts to reply to, pictures to upload and calls to return. Finally the end of the day arrived, with me talking with my best friend one more time and I still remember the last minute of the day. I was laughing happily as the clock struck 12 and date changed to 31-07-2014.

People always say turning 18 is something huge. I feel the same as yesterday, the day before that and the day before that. It is not a change that happens overnight. You learn how to be more mature and sensible from your past 18 year experience and not in one day. And that’s what I learnt on my birthday.