Flap of a butterfly wings can cause Hurricanes.

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Live. Love. Laugh.

These three things should be the motto of everyone’s life.


Always have a passion. And ensure that passion is yours and only yours. Your passion is your baby. It is your seed of wisdom. If you give it proper nourishment at an early stage, and keep pumping it up with hardwork and perseverance then one day life will present you a perfectly harvested and a healthy juicy fruit.


And remember, before you reach your hand out to touch that final line of ambition, you will face failures. Glaring failures. Ugly ones. Enormously disappointing failures. But you should not get disheartened. I know i sound crazy. Its like pushing someone cunningly inside a 50 feet rock bottom well, and then saying ‘You can come up’. But its true, you can. But not without the help your family, friends and well-wishers you cant. Get help when you need it. And offer help.. not when you CAN, offer it even when you can’t. Especially for the people who gave you a tight squeeze when you were drowned in that sea of disapproval.


So, before i derail out of my topic, Yes, success isn’t a glorious one time victory. Its an ugly bunch of gritty failures. And if you feel like you achieved something without a good old effort, then you definitely don’t deserve it. Just like how in india, people enjoy certain privileges because of their caste when it comes to education. My blood rushes and anger seeps through my eyes as i see such people. They didn’t earn it. My message for such people is, even though they didn’t do enough hardwork to get to that place, they must atleast reward that place by doing enough work to stick to it and making themselves worthy of that stature.


Again, forgive me for my tangential arguments. As i said at the beginning, Fix your passion, and steer towards it. Put in your effort and wait for the outcome. If it is what you expected, then consider yourself blessed, and embrace the success. Imbibe the victory in your veins. If it isn’t what you expected, well its okay. You learned something from it, didn’t you? And that’s whats gonna matter in the end. In the big picture. And if you want that picture to be enchanting, then dream big. And if you feel its crazy, dream even bigger.


‘Cause when you reach for the stars, you might, just might touch the sky.