Internships in India – Laying a Base

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I’ll keep this article short. When you enter your second year in College, you become keen on finding an amazing internship (and scholarship) for the summer next year, which will probably be your first full-fledged one too. Hence, it is important that you sit and do legitimate research for a few hours to narrow down your options. I did this in my sophomore year and compiled the list in a word document. It’s been 2 years and probably some of the internships/scholarships have been updated, hence use this as a starting base and then build upon it by putting in your own time of research. I’m copying and pasting here whatever I had compiled then, excuse me for not using full sentences.

1. Cargill Global Scholarship

Disclaimer: I heard this scholarship was stopped last year. Kindly check with the office

  • Given to 10 Indian students every year
  • 4 colleges – NITT, IITB, IITD and BITS Pilani
  • Last date March 31st
  • First application form –
  • Two essays – one personal, one social issue
  • 10th, 12th, CV, other certificates
  • Make sure essay is coherent and impressive (but HONEST)
  • They select based on CGPA (8.5+ I guess), the two essays and your extra-curriculars
  • Second round is an interview in Delhi
  • Interview will mostly be in the first week of May (during exams)
  • If you’re selected for the second round, contact your immediate seniors for inputs.
  • If finally selected, $5000 in cash and two seminars – one inside India and one abroad over two years + assignment of a mentor who will guide you throughout.
  • The in-country seminar which I attended was for 3 days in Gurgaon and the second one was in Minneapolis, USA. Both were amazing.


2. IET Scholarship

  • Given to 4 students from India every year
  • National winners in final round – 1,00,000 INR. Runners – 80,000 INR.
  • Two categories – General and women. (which is an advantage for girls)
  • Regional winners – 40,000 INR. Runners – 20,000 INR.
  • Last date is April 7th
  • 10th, 12th, Grade cards attested by HOD to be uploaded.
  • Basic questionnaire. Be strong when it comes to academics and extra-curricular.
  • If selected for the application round, next round is the online test.
  • The test will be mostly on 16/17/18th of AprThe testTest will go on for 1 ½ hrs. Will cover 8 major areas – Civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, maths, physics, computer science and chemistry.
  • Third round is the regional assessment round – Need to make a ppt.
  • The topic will be disclosed by the end of June. You’ll have entire july to prepare the ppt. If selected for this round, contact me, will explain in more detail.
  • Fourth is the National round – those who win the regionals will be eligible.
  • Here also there will be a ppt to be made + group discussion.
  • I was the runner up of regional round so I did not get to go to Nationals. You all try your best!


3. IAS Summer Fellowship

  • One of the ideal fellowships for your Summer, specifically for research aspirants.
  • IAS does the job of selecting students from all over India and finally assigning them the colleges and professors under whom they’ll be working.
  • Last date is Nov 31st
  • This is also a pretty big application – start right away.
  • Selection relies mainly on your SOP and CGPA (I think, although I did see people from the range of 7.5-9.5).
  • SOP will be for 250 words, use it wisely. Re-read it, Re-modify it and Refine it at least 3-4 times.
  • Previously, the process was such that you would be asked to choose 6 professors from a list of over 100, however I hear now that has changed.
  • After filling application, you need to post it along with necessary documents to the given address.
  • Internships is for minimum 8 weeks – Stipend will be 8000 INR per month. But this is including your stay, food, transport, etc. Finally you’ll be getting 3500 INR per month.
  • Apart from applying here, also send mails to profs from IISc, IITs, IIITs unofficially. There are many people who go to colleges through that way. Send them a cover letter along with your CV.


4. Jawaharlal Nehru Summer Fellowship

  • Very similar to IAS when it comes to stipend, colleges, etc.
  • Last date mid December –
  • Here you need to fill the application form offline and post it to the given address along with the documents.
  • You do NOT get to choose profs here. Based on your answers to the questions they will assign for you.
  • Reco from two profs are needed.
  • Apart from CGPA, they care more about your extra curriculars here.
  • I did not receive this scholarship, but from what I heard the experience was very similar to IAS.


5. IIT Delhi Summer Fellowship

  • Here the application is totally online – you just need to scan some documents and upload.
  • Here also there is a column for SOP and also another column where you need to write about your achievements. AGAIN, use this space well.
  • In documents they will be asking for No objection certicate and your rank certificate, make sure to get them from HOD soon.
  • Application is pretty simple –
  • Internship for min 8 weeks and stipend is 500 INR per week.
  • Last date – 13th March. 

NOTE: They prioritize CGPA here I feel, because, in my year it was initially given to me and when I rejected it for IAS, it went to the next rank holder of dept who had applied.


6. IIT GANDHINAGAR Summer Fellowship:

  • Very similar to IIT-D in terms of application form.
  • Last date to apply is March 5th and the stipend is 1000 INR per week.
  • You have to work there for a minimum of 6 weeks, you can choose according to your convenience from when to when.
  • Check this site for more details –


7. IIT Bombay – Eklavya Internship

Thanks to Rupesh Gupta for pointing out his internship.

This is a coveted internship for CSE and ECE students.

  • Portal to apply
  • Last date to apply is around first week of February.
  • The intern would provide you great exposure and chance to work in best academic environment.
  • It spans throughout your vacation.
  • Three categories for selection: software category- requires high level programming skills, academic category- requires high cgpa 9.7+ along with qualifying a basic C test, embedded category- meant for students with electronics background, requires high cgpa again 9.7+ along with theoretical test, after you get shortlisted.

I know for a fact that IIT Madras also has its own SRFP, but I had not applied for it then. I’m sure the process would be similar though. Ensure that you properly check the deadlines for all the above once more! 


That being said, you can also approach professors unofficially by sending e-mails. A few tips there:

  • Professors receive dozens of mails with students asking to work under them. So, it is important that you attract them with your subject line and the first paragraph of your mail.
  • Don’t write a common mail to 10 Professors. It won’t get you anywhere. Read about what research they are conducting and specialzie the maila ccording to their requirements.
  • Create a Resume that looks impressive and attach it with the mail.
  • Try to take online courses or read books pertaining to their area, so that they know you have some background.
  • Be patient. Getting a reply is not easy and there is no way of predicting.


Contact your immediate seniors for more inputs as they would be in touch with this process more and can give efficient advice. All the best!