Empty your mind.
Plan with purpose.
Take control of your time.

 A 4-week-long highly interactive, hands-on course to help you unclutter your mind, build a robust, beautiful project management workflow in Notion using 21st century GTD® principles and create lasting behavioral change.

Imagine your life to be a series of beautiful gardens. 


Each garden contains trees of the various areas of your life: hobbies, mental health, relationships, building a startup, launching a course, etc. Furthermore, these trees are made up of branches and leaves that equate to the projects and tasks you work on to build that tree. 🌳

At any point in time, you’re focusing on nurturing at least a few trees, many branches, and dozens of leaves. Most people tend to manage this chaos using one-off to-do lists, patching together multiple apps, or worse, keeping it all inside their head. This leads to a cluttered mind, pseudo “busy”-ness, and lack of clarity on how their time is spent. 😔 

With this course, you will walk away with a personalized workflow in Notion that helps you take control of how you spend your time, keep track of your goals, and learn the art of mindful planning.
All this will lead to you becoming more productive while maintaining a healthy, balanced life.
Expect to walk away with a freer mind and ample clarity in achieving your goals. 

Course Timeline

Who is this course for?

Knowledge Worker

You are a knowledge worker with a full-time job working a lot but unable to see real progress on the goals you care about. You feel burnt out.

Solopreneur / Freelancer

You are part of the creator economy wanting to take control of your time and work on passion projects. Except, you feel you don’t have any control.  


You are an undergrad or grad student juggling classes, assignments, job search, networking, and more. You find your life to be utterly chaotic. 

Meet Your Instructor

Soundarya Balasubramani

Hi there! 👋🏻

This is Soundarya Balasubramani, a.k.a, Pooja.

I’m an Associate Product Manager at Salesforce, author of Admitted, and a veteran blogger with 100+ articles and guides on productivity, products, psychology, career, and education. 

At any point in time, I’m working on 10+ different “projects” in life (which also includes taking care of myself, cultivating hobbies, and strengthening relationships). I’m sure you can resonate with that.

To manage this chaos, I’ve spent the past 2 years (and 100+ hours) experimenting with and iterating on my workflow in Notion, improving it every few months and taking notes of everything I learned. Invest 30 days together with me and I’ll give you back years of your life and a mind that can experience the state of flow again. 🌱

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the live sessions be conducted for the 4-week course?

There will be 8 live classes conducted over 4 weeks, with 2 classes each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Given that the cohort size will be ~25, I plan to conduct the live classes at a time that works for all of you. The actual time will be decided after speaking to all students to understand the most optimal time. Even if you can’t attend the live session, it will all be recorded.

What is the expected time commitment?

This is a course meant to have a great transformation in your life. Great transformations require great investment and energy. I would recommend keeping aside ~7-10 hours a week so you can take part in all the classes, work on assignments, and leave with a behavioral change that will last for life.

What all do I get once I make the payment?

Great question! You get the following when you enroll for the course:

• Lifetime access to all 8 live lectures, assignments, and reading material

• Lifetime access to a community filled with your cohort where you will give and receive feedback

• Office hours with your coach and personal feedback from me (Soundarya)

• All Notion templates presented in the course

• A surprise welcome gift!

• Bonus workshops and guest lectures conducted in the future

How personalized will the workflow I build on Notion be?

I don’t expect anyone to use the workflow I have built for myself; because no one else thinks the way I do. Similarly, no one else thinks the way you do. You will use the frameworks and strategies I share in the course to build a workflow that works for you, with feedback from me, a coach, and your peers.

Do I need to have knowledge of Notion, GTD®, or anything else to apply?

No, you don’t. I will assume that everyone who takes it is a beginner and structure the classes that way.

Do you offer any discount?

I understand that the price might not be affordable for everyone. Please email [email protected] with your situation and request and I’ll do my best in offering a reasonable discount / options for payment.

How long will I have access to the program?

You will have lifetime access to all the course content. Revisit it anytime you want a refresher.

Will there be future cohorts?

Yes! This is the first of many future cohorts; although as of now I don’t know when the second cohort will take place. If you’d like to reserve your spot for it, simply join the waitlist or email [email protected] to reserve a spot.


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