Resources for you


Cool apps

This is a list of some cool, mostly free products I’ve used or use in no specific order:

Notion: Productivity tool
Roam: Note-taking tool
Pocket: Create article repository
Readwise: Capture highlights. Anywhere.
Substack: Simple newsletter creation
Boomerang: Take control of your inbox

PDFescape: PDF edito
Wealthfront: Invsestment robo-advisor
Personal Capital: Bird’s eye view of $$
Privacy: Virtual credit card
Hopper: Flight prices tracker

Dribbble: Design inspirations
Adobe Spark: Graphics creator
Unsplash: Royalty free images
Designcode: Learn to design + code

Marketing Examples: As name states
Learn UI: As names states
Growth.Design: As name states
Notetaking: by Andy Matuschak




Ways to support me

Use cool apps

Yep, it’s that simple. I carefully choose the apps I use, and some of them also give referral points. So if you choose to use any of the following, consider using through my link. No pressure though.  🙂

Notion: I’ve written about Notion a lot. They’re my go-to app for getting things done and building databases. I use this along with Roam. My two favs.

Wealthfront: I tried diving deep into the world of investing. But, decided that using a robo-advisor who is 100x smarter than me is better.

Morning BrewThis humorously written newsletter is a great start to my day. I can get a 360-view of the important events in the world in < 5 minutes.

Lunchclub: I like meeting interesting people, and this free app is a low-friction way to do it every week.

Readwise: It’s the best app on market to capture highlights from books, articles, & even podcasts.

Boomerang: I saw my productivity improve when I scheduled my emails to land in my inbox at pre-determined times. Pretty cool.

PrivacyDo you sign up for a lot of trials for apps and then forget to cancel? I do. Privacy solves this by creating virtual on-the-fly credit cards where you have 100% control to set limits.


…you can find the links to all these apps under the resources if you want the normal link.






Support my book

I did not dream to become an author when I was young. I wanted to be a surgeon. Clearly, that’s not gonna happen (I cry every time I watch Grey’s Anatomy, or anything sad). Becoming an author was a side-product of years of reading, writing, and thinking.

I spent the entirety of 2019 working on the idea for three different books, but they never seemed to pan out. But, the fourth time, when I was not even planning on writing a book, it worked. Maybe because I wasn’t planning on writing one.

After working on it with 7 others for 8 months and 2000+ combined hours, Admitted is now available on Amazon. You can support by getting your copy, gifting a copy, or sharing about it in a WhatsApp group. Or, even just send your good wishes telepathically. I’ll get it.












Give me feedback

Trust me, I get excited every time I see a comment on my articles. What excites me is that someone took 10-20 minutes (my articles are quite long) of their time to read my conditioned thoughts and share theirs.

This is true for all posts: whether it be a post on Linkedn about how to start writing, a photo on Instagram announcing the title of my book, or a really long article on building a second brain. Feedback and comments are an acknowledgement of my hard work.

So the next time you see content from my end, share your thoughts. And, if you like what you read, and would like to share a life-long journey of quenching curiosity, join my newsletter club.

Or if you just feel like saying hi, I’m all ears!

I mean, eyes…