Science – Weird, But makes you Wonder.

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Look around you. I bet you can see at least a hundred scientific phenomena occurring every minute, starting with, the miracle of sight, which is a spectacular phenomena in which your tiny 2.4 centimeter eyeball engulfs the light that has traveled through the cosmo for over 149,600,000 kilometers from the hot, fiery burning ball we call our Sun.

Sometimes, your mind runs out of topics. Sometimes, my thoughts are stars that i cannot extend into constellations. It occurred to me today. And when i confessed this to a friend of mine, he suggested i look up Richard Dawkins ‘Why the Universe seems so strange’. For the people who haven’t watched it yet, it’s just a click away –

It was a coherent, articulated and mind-opening TED talk. Yes of course, all the TED talks are a feast to the ears, but this one inspired me. I started thinking how we have trained our mind to look at and decipher the things the way that we want to see, rather than how we should see. As he rightly pointed out, we perceive that a rock is hard, and it can’t be crushed with your hand, because its solid. But for an energetic neutrino inside the rock, it sees nothing but space. Space so enormous and astounding that it could never perceive it as something that is unbreakable.

Science is weird. Steve Grand was right in saying that the childhood that you think you were there in, Well sorry to break the news, but you weren’t actually there. Not a single atom present in your body right this instant was present at that time. Matter never ceases to flow. Molecules never stop travelling. Atoms never stop reviving. When you take a sip of water, there is a fair probability that a molecule in your water that your gulping down right now was drunk by, say, a hadrosaurus 150 years ago. Science is never stable. The planet that we encroach in right now, which has been striving and evolving for the past 4.5 billion years, was thought to be flat not a few centuries ago, until Ferdinand Magellan went out on an expedition in 1519 to be the first man to circumnavigate our giant planet. (Yet there are still some religions that are oblivion to this epic fact, pardon me for not mentioning the name).

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But yet, Science is one beautiful word, that makes everybody wonder. Nobody knows what happened before the Big Bang-how the atoms came together to collide, Nobody knows why the Universe is accelerating(Yes, its because of Dark matter and energy but it hasn’t been clear yet), and nobody knows whether these ubiquitous queries will ever be answered. But that driving force, the curiosity of finding the truth, yearning to know the answer, and that ‘eureka’ moment  is what leads the scientists through the road less taken.  After all, no matter how joyous or how hopeless the destination is, the journey will always be the best part.


And if you want proof of just how astounding Science is, you don’t need to google ‘Mind blowing Science facts’. Yes ofcourse, you will get to see a surplus amount of links containing jaw-opening facts. But, really, you don’t need any of that. Being amazed by Science is pretty simple. t’s all around you. Go lie on a grass and glance up at the night sky. Now experience the waking realization that you’re stuck to a rock that’s 12,756 km wide, spinning at a speed of 460 m/s, orbitting a giant unrelenting ball of fire at 30 km/sec and along with that fiery ball and the rest of the solar system, you are orbiting a giant Black Hole at 220 km/sec.

Oh it doesn’t end there, look up closely. You see hundreds and thousands of small twinkling as well as non-twinkling white spots, some bright some dull, night after night occupying the same positions. These tiny stars that you see are really not so tiny.  They are gigantic. If you believe the Earth is huge, try picturing a 1000 earth’s put together. That’s the optimum size of a star. They appear as tiny dots because they are so, so far away. The brightest of these stars, Sirius, which belongs to Canis Major, is 8.6 light years away from us. To magnify it’s remoteness, it is 81,356,000,000,000 km away from us. There! Now you get it, don’t you? So the light that enters your eye and enables you to discern these stars and planets has started its journey from Sirius 8.6 years ago. So whatever you’re seeing in the sky right now is not real. It’s not the truth. It’s hard to believe yet its true.


So you don’t need internet or a scientist to ramble on about the wonders of Science. All you need to do is look around. And loop up, for there is nothing more the Universe wants than to be astonished at.

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious – the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” 
― Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein